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From Farm To Table: Brunch & Learn


07 Oct 2023


12:30 am - 5:30 pm



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  • Timezone: Europe/Paris
  • Date: 07 Oct 2023
  • Time: 2:30 am - 7:30 pm
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Brunch & Learn

Panel Discussion 1 - "Ghana's Culinary Tapestry: A Journey Through Flavours and Traditions
Dive into the heart of Ghana's gastronomic roots with this illuminating discussion. From the lush farms to the communal kitchens, discover how agriculture has shaped the nation's plates and palates. As we navigate through time, we'll examine how Ghana's age-old recipes are standing strong in the modern culinary landscape and how the blending of global influences is adding exciting layers to its traditional flavors. Additionally, we'll shed light on the pivotal role of food festivals and culinary tourism in championing Ghanaian cuisine on the global stage.
Deep Dive 1 - "Farm to Table: Sustainable Sourcing in Ghana's Food Industry"
Embark on an insightful journey into the intricacies of Ghana's farm-to-table movement. Dive deep into the significance of local sourcing, not just as a trend, but as a testament to quality, flavor, and sustainability. As we bridge the gap between the farm and the dining table, we'll explore the indomitable role of small-scale farmers in the food chain, the hurdles and prospects they face, and their contribution to the gastronomic landscape of Ghana. This session will also spotlight the inspiring success stories that have flourished in this domain and cast a visionary look at the future of organic and sustainable dining in the nation.
Panel Discussion 2 - "Nutrition and Health: Balancing Tradition and Modern Dietary Needs"
Delve into a thought-provoking discourse that marries the nutritional richness of Ghana's traditional dishes with the evolving dietary requirements of today's generation. This session sheds light on the potent nutritional foundations embedded in our ancestral recipes, while also discussing adaptions that cater to contemporary health needs. Further, we touch upon the transformative power of food education, aiming for a society deeply rooted in healthy eating habits. As we tackle challenges like malnutrition, we'll explore the bounty of local foods that can act as remedies. Additionally, this dialogue will chart the advancements in food processing that not only preserve but also enhance the nutritional value of foods.
Deep Dive 2 - "AgriTech: Revolutionizing Ghana's Food Production Chain"
Embark on an exploration of the technological advancements reshaping Ghana's agricultural scene. This session dives deep into the current innovations driving progress in the nation's farming and food production sectors. We'll delve into how AgriTech not only promises enhanced food quality but also elevates production volumes, creating a more sustainable food supply. By leveraging technology, we aim to seamlessly connect farmers directly to consumers, fostering a transparent and efficient market. Highlighting the pioneering work of AgriTech startups, this discussion showcases real-world examples of transformative practices. As we look forward, we'll envision the landscape of smart farming in Ghana and its prospective ripple effect on our rich culinary culture.
Panel Discussion 3 - "Food Business in Ghana: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities"
Dive into the intricate tapestry of Ghana's food business sector in this enlightening panel discussion. We'll take you on a journey through the current landscape, highlighting the intricate interplay between agriculture and the bustling food industry. As we navigate the competitive waters of the market, uncover key strategies that can set a business apart. Ghana, with its culinary richness, offers myriad opportunities for innovation in the food sector. Through inspiring stories of successful startups, we aim to demonstrate the vast potential waiting to be harnessed. Join us to discover the pulsating rhythms of the food business in Ghana.
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