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The value of self-assessment for enterprising leaders

In a world wrought with savage criticism and scathing reviews, you would not be blamed for believing that the feedback you receive from your stakeholders is all you need to gauge your worth. That is just one aspect of self-improvement, the next part is doing it to yourself. Call it what you want: self-evaluation, self-assessment; it is all entirely necessary and highly valuable. 

We know ourselves better than anyone, right down to the most intimate insecurities and habits – as sordid or saintly as they may seem! With a large dose of objectivity and honesty, you can identify the aspects of your personality or business holding you back and the qualities that make you shine. Let’s first talk about addressing the negatives.

Coming to terms with one’s flaws is never a breezy task and that discomfort is what deters most people from doing it. Once we realise that self-assessment is not a punishment, but an opportunity to grow, the more comfortable we can become as a leader in identifying our issues. 

No leader is perfect, but they have qualities which put them in positions of power and authority. Knowing what makes yourself tick and how it can be turned into a form of charisma is extremely effective in maintaining attention and relevance. Self-assessment lets you locate the qualities that make you pop, which you then transform into a brand.

Brands do not belong exclusively to business. We can all have a brand; a signifier that makes us memorable and builds our reputation as being a certain type of leader. 

Good, bad, funny or downright weird, an enterprising leader needs to have a hook. Using self-assessment, finding your brand and your uniqueness is a whole lot easier. For the lucky few, this may come naturally. For the rest of us? It takes a bit of soul-searching.

While charisma is found partly the same way, it does require an extra level of assessment in the form of observing how people react to one’s behaviour. You know how some people just control a room when they enter and keep all eyes and ears on them? That potential is in everyone. Once you harvest that potential, you can then start putting these weaponised qualities into practice to boost your charisma and level of presence offline and online.

A good leader takes charisma and uses it tactically to address negativity while maintaining trust and value in their brand. They keep making money no matter what, maintaining their presence in the market going alongside the efforts of turning their weaknesses into strengths. Self-assessment helps you to get better at this kind of multitasking as necessity will drive you to deal with any identified negatives as soon as possible. Always remember one thing, never be too critical of yourself and never let flaws stop you.

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