The Garden Party

Making the United Nations Agenda 2030 a reality requires concerted efforts and commitment by all stakeholders. According to Ms. Tagoe, to truly attain the targets of SDG 8 requires taking concrete steps to scale up striving and/or  thriving businesses.

Founder of Apple and Pears and creator of the Ladies’ Entrepreneurship Club (LEC) and Booth Camp, Tonisha Tagoe, has stated that the club is helping to motivate a lot of female entrepreneurs across the country. “The entrepreneurship club is helping to bring female entrepreneurs across the country together for them to share their experiences and network with like-minded individuals to build successful and sustainable businesses. She made this statement during the maiden event of the LEC Garden Party which was held on April 30, 2022 in Accra, Ghana.

The African Development Bank reports that out of the 10-12 million youth that enter the job market annually, a meager 3 million formal jobs are created within that period. This is why events like The Garden Party are relevant and need to be supported.

“I have to say that the entrepreneurs, the leaders, the individuals that have come along today, the companies, the vendors, the speakers have awed me myself. The concept of this event is really to create a safe space for entrepreneurs in the ecosystem within Accra, within Ghana so that entrepreneurs can come along to learn, network, (and) talk to each other. A lot of people have already mentioned how special they feel as entrepreneurs and how much more value they feel that this kind of space has been created for them,’ the founder of Apples and Pears said at an event in Accra.

Ms. Tagoe commended the United Nations Regional Coordinator’s Office for providing the space to hold the event and the value this partnership brought to the event.  She commended its media partner Ghanaweb first for its support to the club and for its demonstrated commitment towards entrepreneurship and business promotion in Ghana.

A large section of participants at last Saturday’s event commended the organizers for the excellent organization and the value of the insights shared by the resource persons and called for similar events.

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