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The benefits of coaching

In all aspects of life, a helping hand goes a long way, especially from an experienced mentor. Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time once said;
“A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!”
Coming from one of the epitomes of greatness, the impact of a coach can not be denied. And entrepreneurial life is no different. Business coaches bridge the gap between great ideas with passion, and the entrepreneurial skills needed to turn these ideas into successful businesses.
Successful entrepreneurship a lot of times is about an incredible idea that solves a problem for society, a passion to pursue the idea, the tenacity to navigate the ups and downs of bringing an idea to life, and annoyingly, a significant amount of business skills. While entrepreneurship is in a lot of ways an art, it’s also very technical.
This is why a lot of successful ventures have paired a dreamer with a technical counterbalance, Tim Cook to Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak to Bill Gates. It’s a formula for success. But what about the passionate dreamer without an entrepreneurial genius friend? Do they just let their chance to change the world go unpursued? Far from it, this is where the best business coaches shine.
In the words of Micheal Jordan, they help you overcome this minor limitation and guide you to business royalty. A good business coach helps you understand what stands between you and success, helps you cross that gap and go much beyond. They do this by establishing your strengths, and channeling them towards the technical areas of your business.
Great business coaches bring knowledge and experience. While you could get to a successful business through learning from your mistakes, this can prove very costly, not to mention demotivating. Business coaches invest themselves in learning. Committed to keeping up with the ever-changing world of business. Additionally, they continuously apply and experiment with what they learn. With a good coach, you skip the pain of trial and error and apply their knowledge and experience, for your success.
Equally important from a great coach is support. Entrepreneurship can be a very trying, often lonely journey where much is sacrificed. Motivation can wane, discipline is in a constant flux and the temptation to quit can be overwhelming. A great business coach is that extra layer of support that helps you through these times. Fortunately, because of their experience, they have probably seen or experienced something similar, and will always be in a great position to get you out of a rut.
Ultimately though, the true value of a coach is empowerment. It’s how all they bring to the table comes together to make your dream and passion a possibility. In a lot of ways, without the technically savvy friends, or for most of us, the amazing business coaches we have access to, the amazing ideas that changed the world could have never come to life. A great business coach helps you change the world, by sharing your ideas, passions, and dreams.

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