The Garden Party: Participant & Playbook – £40


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As entrepreneurs like you, we appreciate just how tough it can be to run your business without support. It’s more challenging for female entrepreneurs as we face unique challenges moving forward in the business world. 

The LEC organises business events so you can interact with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, skills, know-how, and resources and foster relationships that open future opportunities. 

Join us for our Garden Party to meet business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs as we strategise a successful future in business and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Attend the event to gain an insight into practical strategies for translating your business idea into a viable and feasible model with an outline distilled from academic business courses and the experience of our coaches bringing business ideas to life.

Our panellists combine their extensive web development experience with entrepreneurial experience to help you build a business website that converts, helping you establish an online presence that sells your products/ services.


After every session, a summary of the event will be added to the ‘Playbook’ for participants to review what was discussed and gain helpful insights. The book is constantly growing so now is the best time to get a copy of your own.

This month’s Playbook will include: translating your business ideas to your website, delivering quality during lockdown and staying productive when working from home.