Legal Considerations for your Small Business

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Legal Considerations

⏲🎊 Mission 13

You either love it or probably hate it: it’s the legal stuff! From patenting, copyright law and trademarking to employee contracts, every company must follow the laws of business to the letter, but luckily Step Thirteen will cover everything you need to know, such as: how to officially form your company, registration, tax, insurance, hiring staff and business banking.

Company Formation Information

Officially forming your company will require you to think about the less flavourful and engaging elements of running a business such as tax, registration, insurance, hiring and firing, banking for your business and anything else you think might be uniquely associated with your business. This page is also a good space to start thinking about whether or not you need help from an accountant or solicitor.

βœ…πŸ“© Company Formation Information (Worksheet 13.1.1)

Copyright laws govern your intellectual property and who can use your brand/idea to trade with and generate income. Using this section of the Planner, you will have the chance to explore whether or not you need to copyright one of your products and the ways in which you will monitor compliance to ensure you remain within the boundaries of the law.

βœ…πŸ“© Copyright (Worksheet 13.2.2)

A patent is a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention. Using this page, you will be able to consider what elements in your business should be patented and licensed.

βœ…πŸ“© Patenting (Worksheet 13.3.3)
Staff/Client Contracts

Getting your first client and then hiring employees is the first milestone in the growth of a business, and this section of the Planner will enable you to plan out the elements required for building client and staff contracts. Things we will cover include how to create an official contract and the surrounding laws.

βœ…πŸ“© Staff/Client Contracts (Worksheet 13.4.4)
Supplier Terms

Suppliers and their terms change frequently as new laws and regulations are relaxed. Using this section of the Planner, you will be able to research and consider the terms of agreement with your suppliers and how to remain up to date with any important changes that could affect your business dealings.

βœ…πŸ“© Supplier Terms (Worksheet 13.5.5)
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