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The LEC Bootcamp – Self Guided

Starting a business can be very difficult. But growing a business is even more difficult. Ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level?

Our self-guided bootcamp gives you all the skills and experiences you need to grow your business from one level to the next without relying on others. Take control of your time by taking lessons at your own pace and achieving your own goals without outside pressure or deadlines.

This course helps you use proven skills, techniques, and methodologies taken from MBA and entrepreneurship degree programs to enhance your business growth and will teach you how to create a successful company from the ground up, whether it’s your first or your tenth!

Who is This For? The self-guided boot camp is designed for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, business executives, managers, CEOs, and industry experts who want to grow their businesses but do not have time for live lectures due to their busy schedules.

What’s In the offer?

  • Full access to a digital copy of the Ultimate Enterprise Planner worth $98, including worksheets and spaces to plan business growth.
  • How to generate passive revenue streams to supplement your income with the greatest sales techniques.
  • The 5 stages of growth and other MBA level methodologies.
  • Cutting-edge market research strategies
  • Research Techniques
  • Data Analysis
  • SEO Techniques
  • 80 Lectures in total
  • 35 hours of content
  • Learn at your own pace

Bonus Topics

  • How To Schedule Social Media
  • Going LIVE without Being on Camera
  • Pricing psychology
  • Developing Customer personas
  • Reviving Your Business Model
  • Power Hours (Consultation)
  • Meditation Events
  • Mindfulness
  • Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Website planning
  • Office Hours

All going for $1050 only!

About You

Self Assesment

Entrepreneur Profile


Getting To MVP



Competitor Analysis

The Branding Book

Website Planner

Costing It All Up

Legal Considerations

Bonus Tool

Enrolled: 107 students
Duration: 35 Hours
Lectures: 112
Level: Beginner