The LEC Bootcamp is designed for you!

Our entrepreneurship Bootcamp is built for every female looking to accelerate their career and take on leadership in whatever sphere you operate. We cater to established and starting-out entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs looking to innovate in employment roles. Whatever stage you are in your career, this is the workshop to help you grow to the next stage. We cater for:

What happens When you Sign Up?

Receive access to a digital copy of The Ultimate Enterprise Planner worth $99, packed with worksheets and spaces to plan the growth of your business.

Follow a simple, step-by-step process using the 5 Stages of Growth and other MBA level methodologies.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge on research techniques, analysing data, SEO, keywords, and more to inform every business decision you will ever make.

Learn how to generate passive revenue streams to supplement your income using the latest and greatest sales techniques.

Develop cutting-edge market research strategies to find your niche and provide accurate content to the right audience.

Keep the company sustainable and safeguarded against sudden changes and threats.

our bespoke process

step 1

Make the decision to design a life you will love.

step 2

Choose Your Schedule

step 3

Sign up and access

step 4

Accept the calender invitations

step 5


step 6

Start selling to the LEC community

The LEC Ultimate Enterprise Planner

The only business planner you will ever need.

Our business planner is trusted by business leaders, freelancers and professionals at every level for a bespoke approach to planning a business, providing a tried and tested structure and framework for successful enterprise planning.

Our coaches rely on this invaluable resource throughout the Bootcamp, making use of prompts taken from within during your training, giving you an ace up your sleeve for getting ahead of the competition in the business world.


One Price : $1050 , 3 Bootcamp Schedules

Self Guided


  • Self Guided Learning
  • 35 Hours
  • 80 Lectures
  • at your own pace



  • Live 'Fast Track'
  • 35 Hours
  • 80 Lectures
  • 14 days

Side Hustle


  • Live 'Side Hustle'
  • 35 Hours
  • 80 Lectures
  • 4 Months

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Coaching From Seasoned Industry Leaders

Access the expertise of the minds shaping the business world.

Our rigorous vetting ensures our coaches have the accreditations and certifications necessary to give you the best coaching experience, but that’s not all they bring to the table. We work with females at the top of their game, leading their respective enterprises to success.
They have honed their skills in the field and amassed the experience to navigate the business world, and they know the exact trappings of the journey you are about to embark on and can prepare you to see it through.

Bonus Monthly Events for ALL members